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    Thursday, July 20, 2017

     In July of 2017, Dr. Frances Grimstad started KC CARE's official Transgender Clinic.

    At this …

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  • May

    May, a 20-something woman with an advanced degree, came to the Clinic …

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Planned Giving

Give Lasting Support to the Clinic
Thanks to generous supporters like you, the Kansas City CARE Clinic has helped thousands gain access to health care and programs that strengthen lives.  And with your continued support, together we can continue to change lives far into the future.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share your goodwill.  It may be easier than you realize to leave a lasting legacy of your commitment to health and well-being for everyone in our community. 

Some things to consider:
Estate planning is important, as it allows you to ensure your wishes for your estate are made clear and able to be carried out. All estate plans should include, at minimum, two important estate planning instruments: a durable power of attorney and a will. The first is for managing your property during your life, in case you are ever unable to do so yourself. The second is for the management and distribution of your property after death. In addition, more and more, Americans also are using revocable (or "living") trusts to avoid probate and to manage their estates both during their lives and after they're gone.

Remember the Clinic in your Will
One of the simplest ways to support the Clinic is to remember and designate it in your will. In this way, you can provide help to our patients for years to come. An individual may include the Clinic as a beneficiary of a percentage of your estate, a set dollar amount or of a particular asset. You should note that for these bequests, your estate will receive an estate tax deduction for the full value of your bequest to the Clinic.

How do I add the clinic to my estate plan?
The detailed designation is as follows:

Kansas City CARE Clinic
3515 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111

Planning through beneficiary designations
There are other ways to make an estate gift to the Clinic besides a gift through your will. These include assets in living trusts, qualified retirement plans, and the proceeds from life insurance policies. You may name the Kansas City CARE Clinic as a beneficiary of any of these assets or as a contingent beneficiary in the event that the primary beneficiary is no longer living at the time of your death.

IRA, KEOGH, 401(k), and Other Qualified Retirement Plans
Naming the Clinic as a beneficiary of assets remaining in your qualified retirement plans after your lifetime is considered particularly wise tax planning. This is because retirement plans left to individuals, other than a spouse, are taxed more heavily than most other assets. However, estate taxes and income taxes are avoided if a charity, such as the Clinic, is named as a beneficiary. The Clinic generally will receive 100% of your plan assets.

Gifts that pay income
Charitable Remainder Trusts allow you to make a gift to The Clinic that will enable you or others to enjoy enhanced income for your life time or a specified term of years. You choose the percentage payout you wish to receive (not less than 5%). When the trust terminates, The Clinic receives the remaining principal.

How to get started
Discuss these options with your attorney. If you have any questions, or wish to notify us that you are remembering the Clinic with a planned gift, please contact:
Kirk Isenhour, Vice President of Marketing & Development