• KC CARE Now Offering Transgender Clinic

    Thursday, July 20, 2017

     In July of 2017, Dr. Frances Grimstad started KC CARE's official Transgender Clinic.

    At this …

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  • May

    May, a 20-something woman with an advanced degree, came to the Clinic …

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HIV Support

To help HIV clients and their families receive necessary health education, peer support, counseling and access to other services, the Clinic provides a range of HIV support services including:

Linkage to Care & Treatment (LTC)

An HIV diagnosis may mean different things to different people. The important thing is that you know your status. LTC is the next step once you get an HIV diagnosis. LTC Coordinators assist people who are newly diagnosed to access health care, affordable medications, mental health care, counseling, infectious disease specialists, peer education and other basic needs. LTC is a short-term program (90 days). After LTC service, you may choose to graduate to self-support or long-term Ryan White Case Management. When you are ready, call the confidential LTC pager at 816-990-2411.

Case Management

The Kansas City CARE Clinic believes that case management is the cornerstone of HIV care. Today, HIV-positive individuals have the potential to live long, productive, fulfilling lives. However, other issues complicate things considerably – many come from areas that are underserved by health care systems, many face barriers such as lack of transportation, periods of illness in which they are unable to work or a lack of income that prevents them from receiving the full scope of available treatment options. Others struggle with problems like substance abuse, homelessness and mental illness. Call 816-777-2729 or click here to learn more about these case management services at the Kansas City CARE Clinic:

  • Family-centered case management for HIV-positive parents and their affected families
  • Youth-centered case management for young adults ages 13-24
  • Transitional case management for those who are newly released from incarceration
  • Standard case management for anyone who is living with HIV


The L.I.F.E. Program® helps people living with HIV or AIDS get healthier and stay healthy. It is a 16-week program that emphasizes health education, support from HIV-positive peers, social connection, group discussion, individual counseling and self-commitment. Click here to learn more.

We also offer programs specifically aimed at assisting the HIV-positive in the following areas:

Mental health & substance abuse counseling – call 816-777-2722 for information
Peer-based treatment adherence counseling – call 816-777-2723 for information