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Dr. Craig Dietz named American Osteopathic Foundation 2015 Physician of the Year

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Contact: Kirk Isenhour, Vice President of Marketing and Development |

Congratulations to Craig Dietz, D.O., the Chief Medical Officer at the Kansas City CARE Clinic, on being named the 2015 Physician of the Year by the American Osteopathic Foundation.

Hired in 2004 as the Medical Director for General Medicine, specifically overseeing programs in Primary and Preventive Care, Public Health, Women’s Health, Chronic Diseases, Communicable Diseases, and Mental Health, Dr. Dietz, D.O., MPH, FACOI, AAHIVS is now responsible for care throughout the Clinic. In his eleven-year tenure, he has witnessed extensive growth in the Clinic’s scope of care. In 2004, the Clinic served 4,000 patients. Today, the Clinic serves 9,000 through more than 20,000 annual clinical appointments. He has championed the expansion of the Clinic’s HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C prevention and testing services.  More recently, Dr. Dietz oversaw the transition to Electronic Medical records (EMR), and the Clinic’s transformation into a Federally-Qualified Health Center and Patient-Centered medical Home.

Dr. Dietz received his degree in Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Oklahoma State University, and later received a Master of Public Health with emphasis on Community Health, Underserved Populations, Healthcare Safety Net and Administration from the University of Kansas School of Medicine. Over the last eleven years at the Clinic, he has brought not only his skills as a physician, but also his great love of education, dedication to serving the underserved, and commitment to researching and providing cutting-edge treatment and resources to the patients of the Clinic. As lead staff physician, he trains, works with, and supports the Clinic’s large corps of volunteer and staff physicians.

Obie Austin, N.P., Vice President of General Medicine at the Kansas City CARE Clinic says, “Dr. Dietz’s greatest strength is his depth of knowledge and his ability to relay that knowledge on to the new practitioner in a way that is easily understood yet still drives the person to a higher level of critical thinking.”

Throughout his career, Dr. Dietz has continually represented his profession and the Clinic in researching, publishing, and presenting to healthcare professionals across the country on topics ranging from adapting care models to an urban free clinic setting, to HIV testing and screening implementation,  to HIV management in primary care. His broad and deep research, presentations and clinical trials help advance care for HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. Furthermore, he has worked with the Clinic to expand a number of harm-reduction models such as opt-out rapid HIV testing and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) clinics for those most at-risk.

Additionally, Dr. Dietz has advanced the understanding of Hepatitis C and has advocated with insurance and pharmaceutical companies to ensure that Hepatitis C patients at the Clinic have access to the latest in medication and treatment, in spite of high medical costs. His work has made the Clinic a metropolitan leader for Hepatitis C care.

Dr. Dietz’s commitment to serving the underserved has been central to his career since the beginning. Dr. Dietz fulfilled his medical school rotations on Native American Reservations and served his residency in inner-city Detroit. He has continued serving as a volunteer on medical mission trips to Guatemala and Nigeria, and is also a student supervisor, training the next generation of physicians and medical professionals about the unique needs of underserved populations.  Moreover, as medical director for the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFCC) he coordinates with volunteers to see over 1000 patients in an annual Free Clinic Day at cities across the country.

Along with this commitment to the underserved, Dr. Dietz is dedicated to education. He serves as the site medical director for resident/medical student clinical rotations. He is also a Clinical Associate Professor in Internal Medicine at Kansas City University. Through a number of additional faculty appointments both locally and throughout the Midwest, Dr. Dietz is able to share his passion for medical provider education while strengthening the Clinic’s ties with health professional and medical students across a variety of disciplines.

Sheri Wood, President and CEO of the Kansas City CARE Clinic, reflects that, “He really has spent his entire career taking care of the underserved and the people who don’t have access to care.”


The American Osteopathic Foundation Press Release for Dr. Dietz can be read here:


Below is a video about Dr. Dietz from the American Osteopathic Foundation:


About the Kansas City CARE Clinic:

 The Kansas City CARE Clinic is one of the oldest and largest charitable care clinics in the nation. Founded in 1971, Clinic’s clinical services include adult general primary care, HIV primary care, pediatric care, oral healthcare, and behavioral health and prevention services. With a staff of more than 110 and more than 900 dedicated volunteers, the Clinic provides healthcare, education, and support for more than 9,000 individuals annually with nearly 18,000 clinical patient appointments and more than 45,000 case management, education & prevention and testing encounters.  The mission of the Kansas City CARE Clinic is to promote health and wellness by providing quality care, access, research and education to the underserved and all people in our community.



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